Welcome to Mountain Heights Academy

Mountain Heights Academy, formerly Open High School of Utah, is a tuition-free, online public charter school available to all Utah students in grades 7 – 12. Founded in 2009, Mountain Heights Academy has become the premiere online high school in Utah for its high standardized test scores, unparalleled teacher interaction and personalized instruction. School work is divided into weekly modules, which empower students with the freedom to complete their assignments when and where they choose within each week.

Attend an in-person or online Open House and learn more about Mountain Heights Academy.

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Who attends Mountain Heights Academy?

For some kids, traditional brick-and-mortar schools just don’t work. Mountain Heights provides a solution for accelerated students to earn college credit, students who travel frequently, are pursuing a career or like to learn on their own schedule in a safe environment and any student who is struggling in their current educational situation.

What Students & Parents Have to Say

Mountain Heights Academy students speak out and share their opinions on teachers, classes, activities and the entire Mountain Heights Academy experience.

Enroll & Register for Fall 2015 Grades 7-12

Enroll as a full time student at Mountain Heights Academy for Grades 7-12. Or, students at any district or charter school in grades 9-12 can take up to 4.0 online credits as part of the Statewide Online Education Program.
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