Online Early Access College Program

Eligible high school juniors and seniors can participate in the Online Early Access Program through Weber State University to earn both university and high school credit. By taking online courses through the Online Early Access Program, students have the opportunity to earn up to two years of university credit that may also apply to requirements they need to graduate from high school. Online Early Access students have access to all the services available to university students but are still able to participate in Mountain Heights Academy classes and activities and graduate with their class.


What are the eligibility requirements for Mountain Heights Academy students?

  • Online Early Access students MUST be enrolled in Mountain Heights Academy full time. Part-time students are NOT eligible for these courses.
  • Students must be a high school junior or senior in order to participate.
  • Students must have an OEA Scholarship Index score of 105. (Locate where your ACT/SAT score and high school GPA meet. Round your GPA down to one decimal point. Example 3.82=3.8.)

What is the deadline to apply to the Online Early Access Program?

The deadline to complete the application process is August 1, 2015.

What are the application requirements for Mountain Heights Academy students?

  • Contact your Mountain Heights Academy counselor to indicate your interest in the Online Early Access Program.
  • Your counselor will give you access to the Early Online Access Admissions Application, which you will complete online with the assistance of a parent or legal guardian. You may select up to three courses and then Mountain Heights Academy will work with Weber State to determine eligibility and placement in two courses per school year. If you are interested in taking a greater number of courses, you may contact your Mountain Heights Academy Counselor to ensure that the courses you select are part of your College and Career Plan and fulfill requirements for graduation.
  • Pay the non-refundable $30 application fee as you complete the online admissions application. Pay the $50 non-refundable fee to Mountain Heights Academy.
  • Submit your official high school transcript. (If you are a current MHA student, we will submit this for you once the rest of the forms are received)
  • Submit your official ACT/SAT score sheet. If you haven’t taken the ACT, WSU offers a Residual ACT that can be taken for admission into WSU. Contact WSU’s Testing Center at 801-626-6803 or for more information.
  • Submit the Parental Informed Consent Agreement after your parent or legal guardian has signed it.
  • Submit all documents by mail, fax or email to Mountain Heights Academy c/o Online Early Access Program at PO Box 1927 SLC, UT 84111, 18886700032 or

How will I know that I have been admitted?

You will receive an acceptance letter from WSU’s Admissions Office within 4 weeks.

What are my next steps after being notified of admission?

  • Have your high school counselor submit your Online Early Access High School Counselor Contract.
  • Schedule and attend your required Online Early Access College New Student Appointment with your Online Early Access Adviser either in person in WSU’s Online Advising Office or virtually via video conference.
  • In August, attend the Mountain Heights Academy Student Orientation designated for Online Early Access Students.

When will the Online Early Access courses through WSU begin?

  • August 25th

Will my exams be proctored?

  • Yes. If you live within 50 miles of Weber State campus, you will test at the testing center there. If you live more than 50 miles away there are WSU approved proctor sites available.

Do I get a Weber State Wildcat ID card?

  • Yes. Your photo taken at Mountain Heights Academy’s Orientation will be used to create a Wildcat ID Card which you will must use to be allowed to take your proctored exams. You may also access many of the on-campus services such as the library, sporting events etc.

Will I have a contact at Weber State University?

  • Yes. WSU will be holding an information session during our Online Early Access MHA Orientation session mid-August. There will also be more information at and you may contact the Advising Office at as well.

What happens if I fail an Online Early Access course?

  • You will receive an F on your permanent college transcript and may not have the required number of credits to graduate from high school


 Courses offered during the 2015-2016 school year include:

Fine Arts

  • ART 1010 Introduction to the Visual Arts (1.0 HS-FA; 3.0 College)
  • MUSC 1010: Introduction to Music (1.0 HS-FA; 3.0 College)
  • MUSC 1030 Introduction to Jazz (1.0 HS-FA; 3.0 College)
  • THEA 1013 Introduction to Theatre (1.0 HS-FA; 3.0 College)
  • THEA 1023 Introduction to Film (1.0 HS-FA; 3.0 College)


  • MATH 1030 Contemporary Mathematics(1.0 HS-Math AAS; 3.0 College)


  • CHEM 1010 Introductory Chemistry (1.0 HS-SC; 3.0 College)
  • MICR 1113 Introductory Microbiology 1113 (1.0 HS-SC; 3.0 College)
  • NUTR 1020 Foundations in Nutrition (1.0 HS-SC; 3.0 College)
  • PHYS 1010 Elementary Physics (1.0 HS-SC; 3.0 College)
  • ZOOL 1010 Animal Biology (1.0 HS-SC; 3.0 College)
  • ZOOL 1020 Human Biology (1.0 HS-SC; 3.0 College)

Social Studies

  • ANTH 1000 Introduction to Anthropology (1.0 HS-SS; 3.0 College)
  • CHF 1500 Human Development (1.0 HS-SS; 3.0 College)
  • HIST 1500 World History to 1500 C.E (1.0 HS-SS; 3.0 College)
  • HIST 1700 American Civiliation (1.0 HS-SS; 3.0 College)
  • PHIL 1000 Introduction to Philosophy (1.0 HS-SS; 3.0 College)
  • POLS 1100 American National Government (1.0 HS-SS; 3.0 College)
  • SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology (1.0 HS-SS; 3.0 College)
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