Fee Payment

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Registration Fee $7.50
ID Card Fee $7.50
Activity Fee $20.00
Technology Fee $25.00
Computer Use Fee
Art I 
Art II
Art Foundations
College Courses*
Weber State Online Early Access Course
Math 1050
English 1010
AP Courses
*additional fees may be required by the college
$50.00 each
$50.00 each


*In the event you elect to use your home computer instead of a laptop provided by Mountain Heights Academy, the Computer Use Fee will be waived. Mountain Heights Academy will not be responsible for providing hardware tech support for home computers.  Fees are not refunded, in part or in full, if a student withdraws from the Mountain Heights Academy prior to the end of the year.  Fees are for items that have already been purchased per student, such as user licenses for various applications, student laptop, and ID card.  A late fee of $15 per month will be assessed if fees or charges for damages to school property are not paid when due.  If you have any questions regarding school fees, please email:   info@mountainheightsacademy.org.
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