Service Learning

Students at Open High School participate in 25 hours of service learning per semester.  We encourage each student to track their hours and work towards earning the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

What is service learning?

Service-learning is a teaching method that combines service to the community with classroom curriculum. It is more than merely community service. It is a hands-on approach to mastering subject material while fostering civic responsibility.

Service-learning provides a context for talking about learning in terms of not only what students know but also what they are able to do. Critical to this type of learning is building in time for students to reflect on their service experience. Reflection time helps students make the connection between classroom and community learning, and ensures they understand the extent to which they can impact positive change.

Service-learning builds stronger academic skills. First, students take an active role in determining how the projects are identified and accomplished, creating interest and excitement for learning. Second, service-learning accommodates many different learning styles.  By teaching students early about the role they can play in their community, service-learning also encourages lifelong civic participation. Furthermore, by relating academic activities to real-life experiences, service-learning improves workplace skills and enhances personal development among youth.

Finally, service-learning gives students a sense of competency; they see themselves as active contributors to their community and learning experiences rather than passive recipients of adult decisions. (1)

Examples of Open High School Service Learning in Action
  • Treats For Troops donation projects  – May 2012
  • The Road Home Service Project – May 2012
  • Deer Creek State Park clean-up for Earth Day – April 2012
  • Valentines for Veterans at Midtown Manor nursing home – February 2012
  • National Reading Day Activity at local elementary schools – January 2012
  • Toys for Tots – December 2011
  • Veterans History Project – November 2011
  • Halloween Treat Bags for Springville Juvenile Justice Services – October 2011
  • Deer Creek State Park clean-up activity – September 2011
  • Military Care Packages – May 2011
  • Deer Creek State Park Clean Up- April 2011
  • Utah Food Bank – March 2011
  • Service Gratitude Poems – February 2011
  • Toys for Tots – December 2010
  • Salt Lake County Animal Shelter – December 2010
  • Welfare Square Tour – October 2010
  • 750 Earthquake Kits donated to Whittier Elementary School – May 2010
  •  Antelope Island Clean Up and Tour – April 2010
  • Improvement Letter Writing Campaign to community leaders – February 2010
  • Entertainment Kits for Hospitalized Children – September 2010


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